My morning routine


A morning routine is not something I've ever given much thought to.

I used to get showered, dressed and ready for work, but that's a given. I never had any kind of ritual or sequence that I stuck to, it was all very much on autopilot.

Since the start of the month, I've started consciously making an effort to stick to a routine on weekday mornings to really get myself feeling calm and excited for the day ahead.

This has really helped me since going self-employed as I no longer have that automatic routine that you fall into when you need to be out of the door for a certain time, and it can easily become a case of scrolling Twitter in your pyjamas before doing anything productive.

So, this is what I'm doing at the moment.


My alarm goes off. I try to get up at this time, but it doesn't always happen!

It may seem a bit odd to get up this early by choice, but I'm much more productive early in the morning (it's also an excuse for me to go to bed early. #grandma)


I get out of bed, brush my teeth and have a shower to wake myself up. I also try to drink a glass of water as soon as I get up.

Wild, I know.


Meditation time! This is the one I use at the moment. I find it really helpful and since I've started doing this, I've felt more focused and positive each day rather than stressing out and trying to do 57643643 things at once.

I like to think I'll make time for a thirty minute long meditation, but I almost always talk myself out of it. So because the meditation linked above is only nine minutes long, I have no excuse not to just do it.

I also do a visualisation, where I focus on achieving my goals - sounds a bit wacky, but I often come up with really good ideas during this time so it's obviously helping!

After this, I'll do my makeup if I'm wearing it that day.


Usually around this time I'll walk to a coffee shop to get a takeaway coffee (I use this travel cup and really like it).

I could happily stay at home all the time, but that probably wouldn't be very healthy. Making myself go out at least once a day stops me from becoming a hermit.

My beverage of choice? An oat latte - so yummy!


This is when I do a bit of social media work.

I have my Pinterest routine and I'll also usually post something on Instagram, as well as sharing any new blog posts, podcast episodes or news on Twitter and Facebook.

I do this again in the evening. Having social media as part of my routine means it's just another task I need to do, rather than something I'm faffing about with all day.

I'm not a natural talker, I'm more of an observer, but in business you have to interact with people or you won't get anywhere. So I make an effort to engage with people on Twitter and Instagram rather than letting my self-doubt tell me that they don't want to hear from me.


I check my emails (I've started checking them three times a day rather than as and when, or I end up spending ages in my inbox), reply to any enquiries and I'm ready to start the working day!

What's your morning routine?