My name is Julia, welcome to my blog. I'm a twenty-something from Liverpool, UK who is obsessed with writing, the internet and making things look pretty. So naturally, blogging is my thing.

I've always been very driven in my career, and known that I wanted to be at the top of my game, whatever I chose to do. This led to me progressing quickly in my graduate job and going from graduate to manager within two years. Working for a small company, I've taken on almost every role you can imagine, including business administration, recruitment, project management and accounting.

I love sharing career and work tips with my readers, as well as offering advice about money and finances that I've picked up from my background in accountancy. I'm passionate about women being empowered and comfortable dealing with money, and my business, Easy As VAT, gives women the knowledge and confidence boost they need to take control of their finances through 1:1 coaching, courses and blog posts.

At the end of 2017, I suffered from a period of terrible mental health as a result of being unhappy in both my work and personal life. My life no longer felt aligned with my goals and it really impacted my mood and thoughts. I fell into a dark place full of fear and disappointment. I'd worked so hard since I was 17, and I felt like it was all pointless. The silver lining was that it gave me the kick up the butt I needed to start my own business, where I can share my skills with other women and help them to thrive in their business.

This is my personal blog, so you'll see a lot of my personal thoughts, but I also write about climbing the career ladder, being happy at work and mental health.