8 things I love about winter

06 December

Looking fiiiinnneeee, Liverpool!

I make no secret of the fact that winter is not my favourite season.

I'm a summer baby through and through - I love the longer days, feeling the sunlight on my skin and being outside as much as possible.

So when the nights start to draw in earlier and earlier, and the temperature drops, my spirits do the same.

And guys, it's not the most fun.

So to cheer myself, and hopefully you, up, I'm going to list all the things I love about winter.

Amazing sunrises and sunsets

The photo above of the stunning sky over Liverpool was taken as I came out of the library at about 5pm last Friday. I had one of those moments where I felt truly #blessed (I'm one of those people now).

And this morning, I watched the sun rise and the sky turn from black to pink over the cathedral and felt v. at one with the universe.

Buying presents

I'm sure I've said this before, but buying presents is probably in my top five favourite things in the world (the other four are peanut butter, boyfriend, animals and books, if you were wondering).

I don't want to sound all Pollyanna about it, but giving someone a gift you know they're going to love is even more exciting than receiving presents.

New Year

I'm not about Christmas, I know it's weird, let's get that out the way before we go further.

However, I really like New Year. I like the idea of a fresh start, planning what I want to achieve next year and buying a new planner which I'm 99% sure I'll use once and forget about.

Christmas lights

The one good thing about the dark nights of winter is the pretty Christmas lights making the streets in town a little brighter and more magical.

There's a row of shops near my house with trees lining the street which have all been decorated with fairy lights and it looks so sweet.

Delicious food/being able to eat like a piggy because "it's Christmas"

Food markets. Festive menus. Comfort food. Party snacks. Food. Food. Food.

You should never feel guilty about eating in my book, but if there's ever a time not to, it's in the deep, dark depths of winter. I need an extra layer to protect me from the cold, okay?

Snuggly clothes

Today I broke out my faux fur coat and big scarf for the first time this winter and man, was I cosy.

As much as I love summer, I'm much more comfortable with winter style. Getting my jumpers out of storage fills my little heart with joy.

Also, hats. 'nuff said.

Hot drinks

In the space of a year, I've gone from not drinking any coffee to pretty much having one a day.

I try to make my own so I don't spend all my money on beverages, but I'm partial to a vanilla latte every few days. Caffe Nero is my coffee chain of choice, or if I'm going independent, I'll get a coconut latte from Leaf. Yum.

Watching Harry Potter

The festive season always seems like a good time to snuggle up with a blanket and a tin of Quality Street and have a HP marathon.

In fact, I'm going to a Harry Potter quiz in a disused church tonight, eeeeeeek! I need to dig out my Ravenclaw scarf.

And...that's everything I can think of! I'm feeling all warm and cosy inside now, so this has helped to fend off the winter blues for a little while. What are your favourite things about winter?

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