Here's what's going to happen in 2018...

29 December


Look, guys, we made it! We're on the cusp of a brand new year.

I can't remember if I said this last year, but I love New Year's Eve more than Christmas. Like so many of us, I'm a big fan of a shiny new planner, setting goals and the thought of a fresh start.

I'm also a big believer that making my intentions known will get me on the right path to achieving them, so, with that in mind, I wanted to share my plans for this brand spanking new year.

2018, you're mine.

I'm going to take my business full time.

As some of you might already know, I run Easy As VAT, which teaches bloggers and small businesses how to deal with accounting, bookkeeping and tax.

I'm genuinely passionate about it - I was working on it at 6am on Christmas morning because I was just super excited to be doing so.

Anyway, in 2018 I'm going full time with it and make it my main source of income. I don't know how, I just know that I will. I'm offering various services from general bookkeeping to courses teaching entrepreneurs how to handle their cash efficiently, and I'm also looking into running some workshops around the UK. So if you're interested, feel free to drop me an email.

It's so important for all of us, especially women and young people, to know how to deal with money, and I want to show entrepreneurs that accounting doesn't have to be complicated or snooze-worthy, and I'll stand on top of Big Ben with a megaphone shouting about it if I have to.

I'm changing my blog niche.

I love sharing my outfits, but realistically it isn't possible for me to get enough photos of my outfits for a reasonable amount of content for my blog or Instagram.

Also, as much as I love fashion, I'm a pretty boring dresser and I often wear similar outfits on rotation. I feel like fashion blogging puts you under a lot of pressure to buy new things all the time, never outfit repeat (on social media, anyway) and look #flawless in every photo and none of those are something I'm particularly interested in.

Something I've been passionate about for a long time is helping women advance in their careers and I actually had a blog about it a while ago - in the least arrogant way possible, I climbed up the career ladder pretty fast at a young age and I'd love to share my experiences and also my mistakes to help other women in their twenties who are working it out.

I've also been in charge of hiring for my team at work and have seen some absolute nightmares, so I can share what not to do, and more importantly how to snare that dream job.

I hope that's okay with you guys - for me, 2018 is all about doing things I love and am passionate about. I'm still going to share "lifestyle" posts, I just want to throw a bit more careers based content into the mix as well.

I'm putting myself first.

2017 absolutely battered me. I don't want to go into detail, but it was by far the most difficult year of my life.

A lot of the horrible things I've gone through could have been avoided if I'd simply put myself first and done what was right for me.

I'm reading a book called Fuck It – Do What You Love (F**K It)">Fuck It: Do What You Love
at the moment, and I'm taking it literally from now on.

Which leads us to...

I'm not going to do people favours just because I feel obligated to.

I am a bit of a pushover.

I like being kind, I'll happily help other people out without asking for anything in return and I often do so to the detriment of my own wellbeing (and sometimes my bank account).

I'm the person who listens to peoples' problems without unloading my own burdens, who thinks of the little things to make someone smile and who always offers to pay. I'm also the person who hates letting people down, even when I could really do with a bit of alone time watching Friends and eating pizza.

But I don't really want to be that person anymore.

I still want to be generous, of course, but I need something back otherwise I get completely drained.

I sometimes find myself resenting the things I've done, like remembering to buy food or milk (I don't even bloody drink milk!) on the way home from work and my boyfriend not offering to pay half - but I've done it by choice and he would pay if I asked him to, so it's my own fault that I'm quietly simmering with irritation.

What I'm trying to say, in an unnecessarily longwinded way, is that I'm no longer going to do people favours because I feel like I should, I'm going to do them because I want to.

I'm going to stay healthy, physically and mentally.

I got quite into fitness and cooking healthy food in 2017, and I'm going to stick with it in 2018.

I also want to go fully vegan after reading so much about the terrible conditions of cows and chickens and how bad animal products are for us and the planet. I haven't eaten meat in forever and I don't drink milk, so really cheese and eggs are the only things I'll miss.

There are vegan substitutes for pretty much everything now, and most restaurants have vegan options, so I have no excuse, really. That's not to say I'll be judging anyone who chooses to eat meat and dairy or that I'll be demanding that people don't eat it in my presence - I'd hate the thought of anyone scrutinising my food choices, so I would never do it to someone else.

I started yoga in the autumn, but sadly the studio shut down at the start of December! But I got a yoga mat for Christmas, so I'm excited to continue my yoga practice at home, and I've been given a free pass to a gym which offers boxing classes, so I'm going to give those a whirl too.

As I mentioned earlier, 2017 was really tough on my mental health. Being 100% honest, a lot of it was due to me putting myself last and being afraid to leave a job which pushed me to the point of extreme (sadly, I'm not exaggerating) depression and anxiety because of the financial security it provided.

Career tip number one: your health is more important than your job, always.

Travel, eat and do more of what I love.

In 2017 I went abroad for the first time in eight years, to Barcelona and Berlin, and I loved exploring new places, tasting the local cuisine and zipping about on the metro, so I'm definitely planning on doing a lot more of that in 2018.

New York is provisionally booked for my birthday in June...

Basically, 2018 is gonna be my year. And hopefully yours too.

What are you going to make happen next year? Tell me in the comments!

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