A Winter Fashion Wishlist

06 November

Current favourite outfit - no boyfriend/photographer about so I had to take a photo DIY style! New Look jacket and loafers, Zara top, Topshop Jamie jeans

A bit of an old-school fashion post for you today.

I used to love making wishlist posts, but I think someone made a snide comment on Twitter about them being lazy/trying to sell things, so I haven't done one for a while.

But, you know, I like them! So whoever said that can politely bore off.

I've been really inspired by the fashion world lately, especially as we've got into Autumn and Winter, which are definitely more my jam, style-wise.

I actually tend to shop less in the colder months, as most of my favourite pieces are jumpers, boots and jewel toned dresses. I feel like I buy more stuff in the summer because I just can't find any pieces that feel like me.

Some trends I'm loving at the moment are baker boy hats, which I think look amazing but I'm not sure if I can pull off, and celestial themed clothing, which I've always been into so I'm THRILLED that it's a trend so I can stock up on all things starry.

Then there are, of course, the usual winter suspects - oversized jumpers, blanket scarves and beautiful coats of all shapes and sizes.

You can follow my Autumn/Winter fashion board on Pinterest to see more of what I'm feelin' this season.

Anyway, less talk, more shop. Here are some of the best fashion bits I've found on my lunchtime window shopping sprees.

Oh, and remember how I was talking about looking for dupes for those Gucci loafers? Well, I found some for £12...

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