I'm using social media for fun again

22 September


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What a stupid title, right? Social media's purpose is fun. Something to do when you're bored, somewhere to air your inane thoughts and post photos of your fancy dessert.

But for the past year or so, I've been using social media as a sidekick for my blog, making a conscious effort to schedule my tweets and add thirty well thought out hashtags to my Insta posts.

And it's hard work, you know?

Sometimes I'd avoid Instagram because I could feel this weird pressure whenever I went on there, like I was shirking work or something.

Now, I don't get paid to use social media - it's not my job. I get sent the odd thing which I might share online, but I'm not obliged to do that.

So, why was I putting pressure on myself to the point where going on Instagram made me feel a bit sick?

Because getting lots of likes on a photo gives me that feeling of yes, I am pretty, I am good enough, I am worth something.

And it's a worrying thought that loads and loads of people all around the world probably have similar feelings about social media. Because if you let the amount of likes you get from people you don't even know affect your mood, you're setting yourself up for a fall.

I was exhausted from trying to think of relevant hashtags on Instagram for ever decreasing engagement (is it really the algorithm's fault or are my pictures just crap?), scheduling tweets with links to blog posts (but not just using the same caption in case it looks spammy) and like, really? Nobody cares. We forget that nobody will ever scrutinise us the way we scrutinise ourselves.

I was forced to step back from social media recently and it really helped me to put things in perspective.

I posted a few photos on Instagram with one or two random hashtags and guess what? Nobody died. The Instagram police didn't come and arrest me for doing it wrong and I didn't curl up in a ball and weep because I didn't get as many likes as usual.

Honestly, it was like a weight had been lifted.

I'm using social media for fun again, instead of treating it like a 2/7 job that I don't get paid for.

I'm using social media for fun again, and it's so much better.


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