10 Things I'm Grateful For

15 September

Cape - SheIn | Dress - SheIn | Shoes - Ted Baker

1. Books. I treated myself to three new ones at the weekend.

2. The heater in our office.

3. Boots meal deals. So many veggie options.

4. Being able to literally run away from my problems (precisely two miles away, every few days).

5. Vanilla coconut lattes.

6. Red lipstick.

7. Pretty buildings. I continue to be wowed by Liverpool Cathedral even though I walk past it every day.

8. Getting the cosy knitwear back out of storage and being able to wear tights again (yep, I'm that person).

9. Realising that I actually feel great when I make the effort to eat more vegetables.

10. Planning our trip to Berlin in October.

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