The Perfect Summer Tea Dress

28 July


Oh, hiii double chin.

This is my favourite outfit in a long time. You just can't beat a classic stripe, in my opinion. Who cares if you look like Beetlejuice? The more Beetlejuice the better.

Add some frills into the mix and tie everything up with an adorable bow and you really can't go wrong. I also bought the pink version, which is an absolute dream and reminds me of my primary school summer uniform (yep we were the lucky ones who got to wear pink).

It's a wee bit low cut, sure, and when you have boobs as big as mine it can look slightly obscene, so if you're blessed in the chest I'd recommend putting a little cami under it.

I paired the dress with my new pink (obv) shades and my Primark mules, which Kev refused to include in the photograph because "they're disgusting." So yeah, they're actual man repellers, get in. Hopefully the creepy men I see on my commute will now stay well away. One can dream...

I chucked on my beaut H&M tassel earrings and some chunky rings and I was ready to go and spread sass around Liverpool. Or, you know, have a wander around the docks and then eat pizza.

You know, sometimes I feel like I'm ripping you guys off when I just talk about clothes in a post. I feel like I need to provide deep, thought provoking content in every post.

But sometimes, especially when you've been experiencing dark times, keeping it shallow is just the ticket.

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