Some Favourite Summer Accessories

25 July


I wasn't going to write a post for today. I've had the toughest few weeks and I was going to have a week off from blogging, social media and all that jazz but you tempted me back, you little minxes, you.

Anyway, I definitely feel like I'm more into accessories than ever at the moment. I love the way they can completely change the vibe of your outfit and add a little bit of that somethin' somethin' you didn't know you were missing.

So I thought I'd share some of my favourites with you.

The first thing I've been rocking is these nude tassel earrings from H&M. I'm not an earring person at all usually, but these make me go all heart eyes. I've been wearing them with simple outfits like a white t-shirt and black skater skirt to add a bit of interest. I also have the red ones in my sights for a bit more of an eye catching look. If you're in Liverpool, the Lord Street H&M store has these in stock in nude, gold and red.

Also from H&M, these plain gold rings, which I've been stacking for a hippyish hand look. I *think* they were around £5 but you get loaaads of them, which is good because I've already lost about three of them. Also, how are you supposed to get midi rings to stay on your fingers? Please tell me.

Next up: the mules of my Rachel from Friends obsessed dreams. My boyfriend absolutely hates these. Like, full on hates them. But I adore them and not only do they go with everything, they super comfy and they make my legs look ten miles long. These ones were £10 from Primark, but Matalan had an almost identical pair reduced to £6 in the sale which aren't online anymore but might still be in store.

My sunglasses are from River Island and were a birthday present from Kev, because he knows how cool I am (lol, that is a lie). If the sun is even slightly out, I put my shades on so they're my number one summer essential. I'm a big fan of the cat eye shape, but I've also been known to accidentally wear Kev's Ray-Ban wayfarers before he freaks out about me breaking them and takes them back.

Finally, what kind of blogger would I be if I didn't bring my trusty camera everywhere with me to take photos of my outfit, my food, my coffee...

This is the Sony A5000, which to me is an affordable version of the Olympus Pen. It's quite small, so it fits in my bag easily and is handy for vlogging, as well as having that all important flip screen to make sure my mug is in shot. It connects to my phone by wifi so I can use it as a remote for outfit photos and then transfer them over to upload them to the 'gram.

What are your favourite accessories for summer?

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