My Current Go-To Outfit

04 July

Current Go To Outfit Zara Primark Converse 2
Current Go To Outfit Zara Primark Converse 1
Current Go To Outfit Zara Primark Converse 4
Current Go To Outfit Zara Primark Converse 3
Current Go To Outfit Zara Primark Converse 5

Top - Zara (now in the sale, woo!) | Jeans - Primark | Trainers - Converse

I'm not sure why I look quite so angry in the top two photos. I think I was going for moody and sophisticated and ended up looking bratty and constipated instead.

This has been my absolute favourite outfit to chuck on for the past few weeks. I've worn it for brunch, an afternoon in the beer garden and even a two hour flight. It's the perfect ensemble for the British summer: light enough to keep cool but covered up enough for the temperamental weather.

The pink top is a Zara baby that i picked up a few weeks ago and I absolutely love it. Hi, millennial pink! it's my absolute favourite shade of candy pink, and the girly girl inside me is all about the frills, flared sleeves and bow detail. Although the bows come undone ALL THE FRICKIN' TIME.

As the top is so girly, it works really well with jeans to stop me looking like a strawberry cupcake. These ones are from Primark about two years ago, and they're the only jeans I own. Don't look at me like that. I've had my eye on these ripped mom jeans for a while, as I think they'd look mega cool with the pink top and some mules, but they're always out of stock.

I've had these Converse since last summer, when I nabbed them for a mere £30 in the sale. They're a size too big, but they make my tiny feet look regular sized so I'm down with it. They go with most of my wardrobe (i particularly like wearing them with floral dresses), and I look the eighties feel they have when tucked into a pair of skinnies. They're also much grubbier in real life, but by some kind of modern miracle they look clean and pristine in these photos.

What's your go-to outfit?

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