How I Made My Home Pinterest Worthy On a Budget + The £6 Secret Weapon You Need

14 July

My favourite little spaces.

When I moved into the little flat I now call home eighteen months ago, I was literally starting from scratch. I'd left all my furniture in my old flat with my old relationship, and moved back home for five months while I figured out my next steps.

I found my place by chance when I was casually browsing RightMove, booked a viewing and filled out my application form on the same day. I knew straight away that it was the one.

It came unfurnished, which meant that I could make it completely my own. But that came at a cost. Like, a literal cost. Newsflash: furniture is expensive.

A year and a bit on, I feel like my (now our) place is exactly how I want it to be. Stylish, fresh and most importantly, cosy. Here's how I made my home into a Pinterest dream on a budget.

I don't have a wardrobe

Number one, wardrobes take up a lot of room. Number two, they're bladdy expensive. Number three, they're just really, well, ugly.

Instead, I got myself a clothes rail from IKEA for £6.50. Six pounds and fifty pence. I adore it because I can style it however I want, and because it's on display all the time it encourages me to keep my clothes tidy and regularly clear out and donate clothes that I'm just not feeling anymore (FYI I do this every few months and it's more refreshing than a  can of Fanta Lemon on a hot day).

Since the above photo was taken, I've purchased some oh so cliche copper hangers from Primark, which I think were £3 for five. It just gives it that extra dollop of je ne sais quoi, you know what I mean?

I thought outside the box

Things I currently have on my bookshelves which are not books: cards, photographs, framed prints, plants, POP Vinyl figures. You'll notice that a stack of books is elevating the candle on my desk and my notebook and camera are proudly chilling on display there as well.

By the way, my desk is actually supposed to be a dressing table, but I was adamant that I wanted a specific style of desk and couldn't find any desks in this style under £100. I stumbled across this babe when I was looking for some bedroom furniture and snapped it up immediately, knowing that I would use it as a desk. I also have a bookcase in my bedroom that I've been known to store shoes and clothes on. If Kate La Vie does it, it's cool, okay?

What I'm trying to say is; you don't need to spend a fortune on decorations, you just need a little imagination. And now I sound like a children's TV character.

I shopped around and took advantage of offers and discounts

If you've got your heart set on a particular piece, make a note of it and have a look around the ol' world wide web. If it's something you can only purchase through one website, bookmark it, see if there are any discount codes floating about (so many places offer discount just for signing up to their mailing list), and if there aren't any and you can wait for a bit, make sure you keep checking back to see if it goes in the sale or is included in a discount event.

If it's not a store-specific item (for example, a mirror with a copper frame), shop around! TK Maxx is fab for designer stuff on a budget (I saw Ralph Lauren towels in there a few weeks ago), or if you're looking for more "omg where did you get that" items for a reasonable price, Wayfair and Maisons du Monde are amazing.

Don't be embarrassed to shop at discount stores, either: some of my favourite things (mostly candles) have come from Home Bargains of all places. Wilko sell a beaut copper cutlery set and rose gold desk organisers for the stereotypical blogger in all of us and Primark's home range is actually really, really good. I love their bedding and towels, and  currently have my eye on some of the fake cacti they're selling at the moment.

A note about using credit: it can work in your favour, but be very careful. Don't buy things you can't afford to pay back, or will pay insane amounts of interest on. But at the same time, if you have access to credit, use it to your advantage. I bought my sofa from DFS with 12 months interest free credit and made sure to pay it within six months, and Very's Buy Now Pay Later offers were a godsend when I first moved and needed to buy boring things like a microwave and a kettle.

I took advantage of the internet

So, the framed prints above my desk were all free downloads from Pinterest. Pinterest is an absolute goldmine for interiors enthusiasts, as it just has everything. Not only is it crammed with helpful tips for decorating your home on a budget and DIYs, but it's really helpful in terms of giving you styling ideas for those pieces you love but can't quite picture in your house.

For example, I knew that I wanted a black and white chevron rug, but I had no idea what kind of furniture or accessories would go with it. I searched "chevron rug" on Pinterest and et voila! Tons of ideas.

In addition to Pinterest, blogs are a great source of inspiration. There are lots of brilliant home and DIY centric blogs like Homey Oh My, but what I mostly took inspiration from was bloggers and YouTubers' homes, having seen them in vlogs and in blog posts. I've already mentioned Kate La Vie, who I would happily have adopt me if it meant I could live in her gorgeous flat, and also Zoella, who I just think has really on point taste in decor. In fact, Zoe's old flat in Brighton was major inspiration for my grey, yellow and white living room palette.

I hope these tips were helpful, if there's anything you see that you like and I haven't mentioned where it's from, feel free to give me a slap on the wrist and ask me!

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