10 Things That Happen When You Live in Liverpool

07 July


You're never short of people to talk to.

Scousers will happily stop in the middle of Bold Street to have a chinwag, whether it's to help you with directions to Lime Street or to tell you that your highlight looks proper boss.

You say bye at least three times when you're ending a conversation.

"Okay, see you later, in a bit, byeeee. BYE."

You've learned a language which is not quite English.

Arr ey la, fancy a scran in the Dovey at five bells? Sound. Don't be wearing them jarg Adidas though, ya wool.

You know at least one person who claims to be related to Steven Gerrard.

He's their mum's friend's step cousin twice removed. Or something.

See also: Ken Dodd, Mel C and anyone from Atomic Kitten.

You don't bat an eyelid when you see a girl walking down the street with her hair in rollers.

But you've never seen a man with a perm wearing a shellsuit.

You're really hard to impress when it comes to other cities.

Have you SEEN the buildings here? They're pretty magnificent. And The Beatles come from Liverpool, so technically we invented pop music. Soz.

You've danced to the Baywatch theme tune in The Raz.

Everything. So. Sticky.

You've never even seen a copy of The Sun.

We only read good papers here.

You 're weirdly protective of Liverpool and get really angry when someone slags it off.

Nobody talks shit about my city.

You get a warm fuzzy feeling when you think about how everyone in Liverpool sticks together and supports each other.

What a place.

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