Three More Easy Tips To Grow Your Instagram

09 June


My last post about how I grew my Instagram following by 80% in less than six months is one of my most read blog posts, so today I thought I'd share a few more tips in these algorithm-beating times.

As you know, I'm not an Instagram expert, nor do I have hundreds of thousands of followers, but these are tips that work for me.

Stick to your niche

Is this any different than having a theme? Yes and no. In recent months I've made my blog more fashion centric, and as a result my Instagram has changed to reflect this. I've found that while I still post the odd photo of a pretty building or my lunch, the fashion related photos get a lot of likes and I seem to gain more followers after posting them.

Instagram users seem to like it when we're consistent with the type of pictures we post, and this makes sense; I follow fashion bloggers to see what they're wearing, not what they're eating for dinner. That's what I follow food bloggers for. It's an extension of having a blogging niche - your followers are probably following you because of a specific reason. You might take stunning landscape photographs or share what makeup you're using that day, but whatever it is, that's what your followers are expecting to see when you pop up on their feed.

I'm working on taking more photos of my outfits, and thinking of creative ways to share my style when I can't take a photo of myself.

Make it personal

Another thing I've noticed is that my selfies get a lot of love. This isn't because I'm particularly pretty, but rather because a spontaneous photo of myself accompanied by a chatty caption about what I'm up to that day, or my current thoughts, is what makes my Instagram an extension of myself.

Part of the reason blogging and YouTube took off in such a huge way is because us humans are nosy by nature, we like an insight into someone else's life and we prefer to buy products on the recommendation of a person rather than an advert in a magazine we know the company has shelled out thousands to have included on the pages of Cosmo. Some of my favourite blog posts to read are chatty catch ups, because I can get a feel for the writer's personality through their words and Instagram isn't much different.

Also, people like to see who they're following! So a feed dotted with a few selfies doesn't hurt. If you don't like posting photos of yourself, don't fear! You can still convey your personality through conversational, engaging captions.

Use the Stories feature

I've found recently that a lot of my favourite 'Grammers don't seem to be popping up on my feed naturally anymore. However, they do show up right at the top of my feed when they've posted a Story. While viewing their stories, I'll usually click through to their profile to see if they've posted anything new, as I know it might not show up on my actual feed.

So while the dreaded algorithm means that less people are seeing our photos, we can pop ourselves right at the top of our followers' Instagram feeds by making sure that we post on our Story regularly.

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Did you find these tips useful? Let me know how you're growing your following in the comment!

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