Is Social Media Destroying My Self Esteem?

06 June


I was at the brink of tears when I saw the photos above. I thought I looked fat, ugly and I didn't like my hair. My boyfriend sat me down and said, very seriously, "do you really think you should be doing fashion blogging/Instagram stuff if your confidence is this low?"

In a word, yes.

I know that social media gets a bad rep for encouraging comparison to others and only showing the highlights. There was even an article recently that reported a link between Instagram and depression. I know that I'm partial to looking at a beautiful blogger I follow and thinking "why can't I look like that?" or lusting after the Givenchy Antigona on a YouTuber's snap.

If my new Insta photo doesn't get as many likes as the last one, or I seem to be losing followers by the boatload, I'll admit that it affects my mood a bit. It makes me question whether my photos are good enough, whether I'm unlikeable and what I'm doing wrong, if it happens on a bad day.

But the thing is, my self esteem was in the toilet before Instagram and blogging existed, thanks to years of bullying, being a chubby kid with glasses and a few less than happy relationships.

It's not social media's fault that I'm not as thin as I could be, or that I can't be bothered to contour, bake and cut crease every day. Sure, there are a lot of stunning women on there taking selfies in their bikinis (no hate, only respect) on there, but most of the people I follow are normal girls, just like me. Full time bloggers, models and celebs are paid to look glam 24/7, we could all do with remembering that.

In all honesty, my theory is that sharing my outfits will improve my confidence as it's exposing me more to my body and what it looks like, forcing me to accept myself. I'm not a size 6 and I pull some daft faces, but that's the way I am and will probably be for a while (unless I lay off the Kinder Buenos - not gonna happen).

Personal style is a huge passion of mine and I've let my lack of self esteem hold me back for way too long.

Does social media affect your confidence or do you think it's a load of nonsense? I'd love to know what you think, so leave me a comment below!

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