How To Schedule Tweets Effectively and Boost Your Page Views

30 June

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One thing I've found that makes a huge difference to the amount of page views this little ol' blog of mine gets is promoting my posts properly on Twitter. Now, I don't have time to manually tweet links every few hours and i bet you don't either.

But never fear, there's a secret weapon in our arsenal - scheduling tweets. I'm going to talk you through how to schedule your tweets effectively, and by effectively I mean make them interesting and enticing enough to make them want to clickety-click through to your blog or website.

Choose the right scheduling tool for you

You'll want to pick an scheduling tool or app which you understand and find easy to use. So not one that makes you want to rip your hair out and dissolve into a pile of tears on the floor.

Personally, I use Buffer. It's straightforward to use, it shows you analytics and it allows you to edit and resend tweets. It's a free app with the option to upgrade to a paid version in order to schedule more tweets at once, but I haven't felt the need to do that so far.

Decide when you want to schedule your tweets

You might want to start off by scheduling tweets three times a day, at 7am, 12pm and 5pm (optimum commuting and lunchtime reading times), and increase this once you're more comfortable with it, for example. 

Experiment, see what gets clicks, likes and replies. Keep in mind that if your audience is based in the UK, there may not be much point in posting through the night as hardly anyone will be awake to see it!

I've recently upped my schedule to post six times a day with two/three hour intervals and it works well for me. However, while posting more frequently does give your blog more opportunities to be seen it can mean that you're promoting the same posts more frequently, especially if you're a new blogger, which can be irritating to your followers...

Use pictures and blogger retweet accounts

Adding a picture to your tweets will make them look more interesting and people will be more likely to click through to your post, too. If I share a link to my latest outfit post with a photo of the outfit, someone might like my shoes and check out my post to see where they're from. Clever, eh?

Another handy tool you can utilise is blogger retweet accounts. If you're not familiar with them, retweet accounts will, you guessed it, retweet you. This means that not only will your own followers see your link, but so will the followers of these accounts, giving you more exposure. And some of these accounts have a lot of followers. Is the word "tweet" starting to look weird to anyone else?

Check the accounts' profiles to find out what the deal is, as different accounts have different rules. For example, some accounts may want you to tag them, whereas for some there will be a specific hashtag that you need to use. Most accounts will also require you to follow them as well, but not all.

Some accounts are better than others, so make a note of which accounts do actually retweet you and keep using them, and stop using the ones that don't. The tags I use frequently are #thebloggershub, #GRLPOWR and #fblchat.

Change it up

There's nothing more annoying than seeing the exact same tweet on your timeline multiple times a day. By all means, tweet links to the same post more than once, but use your imagination and mix it up a bit.

I might share a link to my post about where to visit in Barcelona with the actual post title, "The Insider's Guide to Barcelona" and a picture of the beach. Then, if I want to promote the same post again later, I'll tweet something like "Heading to Barcelona? Here are some of the best places to eat." and change the picture to a picture of my ice cream.

This way, your tweet will appeal to readers with different interests, and your followers won't mute you for tweeting the same bleedin' thing all the time.

I also shake it up by sharing links to my Instagram, Pinterest and the odd random musing sometimes, so my timeline isn't just "READ MY BLOG! READ MY BLOG! READ MY BLOG!"

With Buffer, you can edit the tweets you've already sent, so you don't have to keep scrolling back through your blog to get the links. I don't know if other scheduling apps let you do this, but I'd imagine that most do.

Don't be afraid to share old content

Just because a post is old, it doesn't mean that it's irrelevant! If you've written a review of a restaurant, some helpful Instagram tips or a recipe for the fluffiest cupcakes ever, these will always be useful (and hit me up about those cupcakes). Just make sure you're not sharing things that don't make sense anymore. E.g. sharing your favourite winter warmers in the middle of July may not go down very well.

And remember, any new followers you have might not have seen your older posts before, so tweeting about them will give them a brand new audience.

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