How To Give Your Winter Wardrobe A Summer Makeover

27 June


Biker jacket - Miss Selfridge | Dress - MIss Selfridge | Sunglasses - eBay | Necklace - Primark | Belt - Primark | Boots - Topshop | Bag - Ted Baker

Does anyone really pack up all their coats, jumpers and fleecy leggings the minute they wake up on June 1st and get all their floaty maxis and denim shorts out? I definitely don't, and chances are that you don't either. I love some of my clothes so much that I just can't bear to be parted with them for six months.

Anyway, I know that sometimes it can be a struggle to find a place for your comfy winter clothes in your summer wardrobe, so today I'm going to talk through a few of my favourite winter staples and how I transform them into summer favourites.

Leather biker jacket

Or pleather, in my case. Biker jackets are timeless, and while I have a few slightly different versions (and one crazy fringed one), this Miss Selfridge number is my go to.

I wear my biker jacket all year until around November, when it gets too cold to wear anything that isn't made of wool and faux fur. I think they look so cute with summery outfits, especially pretty floral dresses and white lace dresses like this one, which is also an oldie from Miss Selfridge.

They're waterproof enough to protect you from the inevitable summer showers and easy to roll up and throw in your tote bag in case of emergency. If it's too chilly for no jacket, but too warm to wear it properly, drape it over your shoulders and you'll be just warm enough and look badass.


I wear tights 50 weeks of the year, even in the summer (the other two are the two weeks when we get a heatwave an it's too hot to do anything other than lie in a dark room and bathe in your own sweat). While a lot of people seem to hate tights and can't wait to cast them aside as soon as the sun makes an appearance, I feel self conscious when I have my milky white pins out, so they're a bit of a comfort blanket.

Tights look very vintage chic with a flowery summer dress, and double up as a mud shield with denim shorts at a festival. Take off your tights and the mud goes with them! Clean legs without using 10 wet wipes. My pick is black or schoolgirl grey, but I really admire ladies who rock super bright tights, especially when they clash with an otherwise neutral outfit.

You can even get super clever tights from Primark, which keep you warm when it's cold and cool when it's hot. I don't know how, but they do.


Let's face it, in Britain it's never really so hot that you have to wear sandals. In fact, this is the first year since 2010 that I've purchased a pair. I'm a big lover of boots; they can take an outfit from twee to edgy and are usually a good leg lengthener.

I love the way the Topshop boots in the photos above work with the biker jacket and belt to make my super girly dress a bit more dressed down and rock chic. Black goes with everything, but if you're after a more summery boot you could try a tan or white pair with cutout details. Western styles always look great with a feminine dress for Little House on the Prairie vibes.


Have you ever gone to a beer garden with no jacket on a sunny afternoon, only to regret it as soon as the sun went down? Because same.

Oversized winter jumpers and sweatshirts look adorable over sundresses and denim shorts, and are just enough to keep the chilly evening air at bay. Stick with a thinner material for easy portability and to make sure you don't overheat. Maybe leave the Christmas jumper in a drawer...

Checked shirts

Checked shirts are something I wear a lot in the winter as they're an excellent layering piece, over thin tops or under a jumper with the collar and cuffs peeking out. However, they can also be revamped for the summer months.

There are three ways I style my plaid shirts in the summer; tied at the waist, open over a t-shirt or camisole and tied around my waist or shoulders, Zack Morris style. All with ripped denim shorts for maximum festival chic. Again, they're great for when it gets a little cooler in the evening as they offer a bit of warmth but won't cause you to melt in a pool of your own sweat.

I hope you enjoyed this little guide to giving your winter wardrobe a summer makeover and found it useful! Are there any winter clothes that you swear by in the summer?

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