Flared Sleeves and Star Spangled Boots

13 June


Top - Zara | Skirt - Debenhams via eBay | Bag - Primark | Boots - Public Desire

Praise the lord, I finished my exams yesterday and I'm now off work for a couple of weeks. I'm off on holiday to Barcelona on Monday, but after that I'll be focusing on my little blog and YouTube channel. I have loads of plans and projects, and I'm super excited to get cracking with them. I bought a camera as a birthday present to myself, so hopefully the quality of my photos and videos will improve as well. Today I wanted to share two of my new favourite things with you. I bought both of them quite recently, so they should still be in stock.

This blue, flare sleeved top caught my eye when I was browsing Zara a few days ago primarily because of the tie waist, which means that busty gals like myself who struggle to find tops that fit their boobs and waist can make the waist as tight as they like. I also love a good statement sleeve (as you've probably noticed), so of course they added to the attraction.

I'm usually one for buttoned up collars and high necks, so I did feel a tad exposed in this top, but hey, it's nice to change it up once in a while. As it's a wrap top, it may cause you to flash an unassuming passer-by if the tie comes undone, so I recommend wearing a little cami underneath it. I also need to work on making sure the long ties are sitting flat so I'm not adding unwanted inches to my waist.

These boots are from Public Desire, and I bladdy love them. I first saw them around February time, decided to wait a few weeks to buy them and then didn't. But I remembered them when I came across Public Desire's Instagram page a couple of weeks ago, and the fashion gods came together and planted a 25% discount code in my lap so I just had to order them...it would've been rude not too!

They're a very strokeable faux suede kind of material, with sparkly stars all over them. There's something a bit seventies and a bit Bowie about them, which is probably why I wanted them. Comfort-wise, the heel isn't high so they're fine to walk in, but I got some soft insoles to put in them as the inside of the shoe is very hard, if that makes sense.

The rest of the outfit is old, my bag is a Primark classic from yonks ago, and my skirt was originally from Debenhams but I bought it from eBay. I did not realise just how short it was before I left the house! Possibly one for wearing with tights.

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