Five Reasons Why ASOS is the Best Place to Shop Online + GIVEAWAY!

23 June


Most of us are ASOS addicts, aren't we? I know that for me, the second my wages hit my bank account I'm moving things from my Saved to my basket, and the rest of the month is spent adding even more to my Saved. Then come payday...well, you know the drill.

I'm currently giving away a £30 ASOS voucher (details at the bottom of this post), so I've rounded up five reasons why ASOS is my favourite place to shop online.

It has something for everyone

Short? Tall? Plus size? Pregnant? Male? ASOS is your guy. Not only do ASOS have their own ranges for the aforementioned, but they carry other brands' specialist (is that the right word? Probably not.) ranges as well.

In addition to this, their jeans are size by waist and leg length. Hallelujah! As a girl with giraffe pins, I have to buy jeans with a 34 inch leg, which can be hard to find in a lot of shops. ASOS jeans, on the other hand, go alll the way up to 38 inches, so even the leggiest of us can find jeans that fit. My personal favourites are the Ridley and Farleigh styles.

Their sale section is amazing

You know the drill, you get an email saying "OMG HUGE SALE! SHOP NOW!!!!!!", click through and find that either a) all the good stuff is sold out in your size or b) the discounts are from £30 to £29.99 (lookinatchu, Zara).

But the ASOS sale is different, because it generally has a huge selection of clothes and accessories which are still on trend and available in a good range of sizes. It's on pretty much all the time as well, so you can always score yourself a bargain.

They have loads of discount days

One day in the year I'll always head to ASOS is Black Friday, as they always have 20% discounts. I'm also lucky enough to be a student (accountancy, if you're interested), so I get 10% off all year round plus a few 20% days. Then there are loadsss of department specific discounts as well, like 25% off sportswear.

Just remember that you usually can't use discount codes on items that are already reduced!

They stock nearly every brand you can imagine

From the bargainous to the high end, ASOS stock so many different brands, sometimes cheaper than on the brand's own website, especially when you have a discount code. Buying something for less than it should be just gives you the smuggest feeling, doesn't it?

The dream would be for them to start stocking Topshop. Pretty please?

They have free delivery ALL THE TIME

None of this "use this code for free delivery and forfeit your discount code" or "spend over £100 for free delivery". At ASOS you only need to spend £20 for free standard delivery and if you spend £100 they'll throw next day delivery into the mix. Not to mention all the different options available: your bog standard home delivery, Click & Collect, selected day and evening delivery.

If you're a serial ASOS shopper *cough* you can even sign up to ASOS Premier for £9.95 and get free next day delivery all year long. Sweet.


So here's the part I'm sure you've been waiting for. I'm giving away a £30 ASOS voucher!

All you have to do is follow me on Twitter and retweet the pinned tweet at the top of my profile.

The competition will end at 7pm on Thursday, 29th June and the winner will be picked using a randomiser.

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