The List: 6th May 2017

06 May


Happy Saturday! Just as a heads up, I'm thinking of either changing my posting schedule to Tuesdays and Fridays/Saturdays or just posting whenever I fancy it. Life is a bit jam-packed at the moment (not complaining!) and putting out three posts a week is like adding an extra shoebox on to the already teetering pile.

Just me with an out of hand shoe collection, then?

Anyway, this week has been really, really fun. My boyfriend has pretty much moved in with me (yay for halving my rent and companiable evening laptop usage) and I've spent the week drinking gin with my pals and having dinner with my insane family. Oh, and the bank holiday didn't hurt.

I also sped through the best book I've read in a while, How To Murder Your Life by infamous beauty editor slash drug addict Cat Marnell. Her style of writing had me hooked (no pun intended) and I just had to keep reading until I got to the end. Although every mention of her friend Marco enraged me. I'm a sucker for memoirs. More like this, please!

Frustration with having ratty t-shirts and gym leggings as my only comfy clothes, I decided to order some cute, but inexpensive loungewear to wear around the house, especially as I often work from home and feel like wearing "proper" clothes is wasted when nobody will see them. Soz. New Look won my favour with their pretty but affordable range. Why is the New Look website so good when all I ever find in my local store is neon spandex and mom jeans?

Anyway, I opted for this adorable popcorn number, and on trend gingham set and some silky traditional style pyjamas which I've been after for ages. Pro tip: New Look have a few of the silky ones in different colours for less than £25 each, if you're like me and spending money on clothes no-one's going to see makes you feel a bit icky.

I haven't got any specific posts which have resonated with me this week, however I have been scrolling through the archives of Sophie's blog, Fashion Slave. Number one, she's absolutely stunning. Number two, she has bangin' style. And number three, she's really funny. As you may know, I love fashion but read blogs to, um, read. So this is a good combo for me.

In addition to this, I've recently discovered Alice Catherine, another supremely stylish lady. I love her vintage, Parisian inspired outfits and her signature undo.

Till next time!

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