The Importance of Self-care

02 May


Hey guys, sorry for the disruption in posting, unfortunately life got a bit on top of me and something had to give. It was either sleep or blogging, and you know how much your gal likes her sleep.

I'm writing this post on my lunch break in work, so I can split my evening between revising for my exams in June and filming/editing a new video. So maybe I'm not really the best person to be preaching about self-care.

But maybe I am, because I'm going to write exactly what I need to read on those days when I'm forgetting to eat breakfast and lunch, working late, and grabbing a Maccies on my way home to get some revision in.


You might have noticed that I have the odd period where I stop posting for a little bit. Sometimes I skip one post, sometimes I skip a month's worth.

Usually the reason for this is because I've given myself so much to do, that I get super overwhelmed and come to a grinding halt.

Because I'm not looking after myself, the things I'm putting so much pressure on myself to achieve are even further away than if I'd just cut myself a bit of slack.

Does that sound familiar?

If so, you might benefit from participating in a bit of the ol' self-care.

As millennials, we're struggling to find job security, buy homes and grow a healthy savings account, all the while being told we have it easy by the older generation.

This results in young people like myself thinking the following:

I need to work extra hard to prove that I'm not a lazy so-and-so

If I don't work my socks off, I'll end up jobless, homeless and penniless

Therein starts the cycle of neglecting yourself to protect yourself against these things.

But how are you going to enjoy the things you're working towards if you're constantly putting yourself last to achieve them?

Correct! You aren't.

Who loses out if you fill your body with crap because you won't give yourself time to prepare a healthy meal? You.

Who loses out if you work late every night instead of using the hours outside of work to relax and have fun? You.

Who loses out if a bout of the flu that should have lasted a week lasts a month instead because you wouldn't take a few days off? You.

Who loses out if you're constantly in a terrible mood because you're putting yourself under so much stress? You.

Catch my gist?

Now don't get me wrong, I'm really proud of the fact that I work hard and I'm not going to be stopping anytime soon, but we need to learn that neglecting ourselves in the process is counterproductive.

So, when my friend Lucy asked me to take part in the May self-care challenge, I thought "why not?" Every day I'll be posting a photo on Instagram to show what I've done to practice self-care, whether it's completing a workout or treating myself to an overpriced Starbucks (I love that place).

You can keep up with the challenge by following me on Instagram, and I'd love it if you took part, too.

What are your thoughts on self-care? Is it something you practice?

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