Adding Sixties Style to an Everyday Outfit

16 May


Photos by Emma.

The sixties is without a doubt my favourite fashion decade.

I like the mix of prim and proper on the top, with a short hemline to stop it being stuffy. Marianne Faithfull, Patti Boyd and Jean Shrimpton are all queens of the innocent yet sexy style that summed up sixties fashion, accessorising with the perfect flicky fringe and a rockstar/photographer boyfriend, of course.

Most of my outfits have at least one sixties element to them, so today I thought I'd share four elements I often add to an outfit to add a little sixties twist to a modern outfit.

Cute collars

I've been in the midst of a love affair with collars since Peter Pan collars were on trend in 2011. I just think they make you look smart and like you've made an effort even when you haven't. Mine usually come in the form of a jumper with a built in collar, a shirt or blouse buttoned to the top or a simple collared skater dress. A bold, contrasting collar is the most sixties.

Mini skirts

While the ladies of the sixties weren't keen on getting displaying the ol' cleavage, they were big fans of getting their legs out via a sassy mini skirt. Maybe this is where the idea of legs or boobs comes from?

I share this with them, as I pretty much exclusively wear short dresses and skirts. Bonus points if it's an a-line shape or a shift dress. I'm very jealous if you can pull of a shift dress, as they make me look like a rectangle.

Buttons on display

Buttons were big in the sixties. Literally big. And often in the form of a double breasted pea coat, blazer or a classic trench coat, like the one I'm wearing here. The good thing about these is that they suit everyone, and trench coats are a great transitional piece for when it's too warm for a proper coat, but too cold to risk going without anything (basically March to September in the UK).

I like to wear mine unbuttoned, but there are so many ways to wear a trench, buttoned up with the belt knotted, swapping the belt, even incorporating a scarf over the shoulders and under the belt to add a bit of colour.

Sensible shoes

Stilettos weren't really a thing back in the sixties; most women wore flats and any heels were low and chunky. Which, lets be honest, we can all get on board with.

Here, I'm wearing my delightfully clunky Zara loafers with a sweet little bow. I'll let you in on a secret: these are the least comfortable shoes I own. Oh my goodness. But I love the vintage look they give an outfit, so I continue to wear them. I'm an idiot.

Paint on a winged eye and you're done!

Sunglasses - Primark | Coat - New Look | Dress - River Island
Necklace - Accessorize | Bag - Skinnydip | Shoes - Zara


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