What's my personal style?

19 April


Top - Boohoo | Pinafore - Joanie Clothing | Boots - New Look (similar here and here) | Unflattering pose - model's own

After reading some thought provoking posts on personal style by two blogger babes, Sophie Rosie and Martha Jane Edwards, I got thinking about whether I have my own personal style and how I express myself through clothing.

Quite often, my friends will point out things in shops that are very "me". What kind of things? Schoolgirl-esque button-down shirts and blouses. Conversational prints. Shoes with bows on. Anything with a cute collar.

So obviously, I have quite a defined sense of style. A sense of style which was very on trend way back in 2013/14, but is at odds with the current cool girl uniform of slogan tees, mom jeans and trainers.

For the past year or so, I've wondered whether I should change up my style. Be a little less girly and a little more cool gal casj. I've started dressing down a little more And do you know what?

I feel really fricking uncomfortable every time I step out in a pair of trainers.

The truth is, my cute skater dresses make me feel like me. I like dressing like a schoolgirl crossed with a granny. I love my super girly Ted Baker flats, even though they aren't on the feet of every style blogger worth their salt.

Style is a personal thing, and if we all dressed in the same clothes it'd be pretty darn boring.

So if you are feeling insecure about what you wear, and wonder whether you should be changing to stay hashtag trending, please don't.

Wear what you love, love what you wear, and embrace your individual way of expressing yourself.

If you find that the clothes you like aren't really available in the shops at the moment, hit up eBay or your local charity/vintage shops (we are very lucky in Liverpool and have lots of good ones) and you'll be surprised at the amazing things you'll find for a snip of a price. You'll also get a smug little feeling of pride, like you've discovered a secret no-one else knows about.

"My coat? Vintage, dah-ling."

And your personal style doesn't have to be consistent. You can dress like the cast of Mad Men one day and an extra from a hip hop dance movie the next.

I guess my point is that personal style is just that, personal. It doesn't have to follow trends, or even be consistent. Just wear what makes you feel like you.

What are your views on personal style? And if you're a style blogger or post your outfits on Instagram, please share your links below so I can have a gander!

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