The Hit List: 7th April 2017

07 April


Hey kids, how you doing? I hope you've all had a stellar week. I started Monday by catching what was supposed to be a one hour flight to Guernsey taking four hours due to fog. I did get the cool photo above though, so silver linings and that.


My new home office

So, after many (well, three) years of working from home a couple of days a week, I finally have a desk and a cute little office area to work and ponder life from. I've made a mini gallery wall of quotes and pretty pictures to spark the seeds of inspiration in my easily distracted little mind.

Oh, also it's technically not a desk, it's a dressing table, but I've been looking for something like this for ages and all actual desks seem to be extortionate. You can buy it here.


After a mini break, I'm back to studying and I'm back in the groove, baby. I have two exams in June (why do I do this to myself?) so I need to get my head down. Good job I have my new desk ;) ;) ;)

The way I see it, the quicker I get these exams out of the way, the quicker I'll be a qualified accountant and can start making big bucks. Or something like that.


IT'S THE BEST COLOUR. I'm so overjoyed that pink is absolutely everywhere at the moment that I treated myself to this cute little thing to celebrate.



Ugh, so, my shower has just stopped working and the people who are supposed to fix have not done so. So I've been having a bath every day for the past week to you know, maintain an appropriate level of hygiene.

I'm not a bath person as it is, and I think that I've now filled my lifetime quota of baths. Also, you have to clean the bath pretty much every time you have one. Ick.

Seasonal skin

Does anyone else's skin go a little crazy as the seasons change? Mine seems to freak out at this time of year and in September when it starts getting cooler. It's more dry than usual and my makeup refuses to sit properly. Hmph.

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