The Hit List: 14th April 2017

14 April

Oh hey there, and a very happy Good Friday to you all! I hope you're all merrily chowing down on some Mini Eggs or your chosen Easter snack of choice as you read this.

My week started off well, but took a not very amusing turn on Tuesday, when I was struck down with some kind of icky tonsillitis/virus. But the few days off work, while not ideal, have given me a bit more time than usual to interact with you lovely lot on Twitter and Instagram.

Blogger pals

Last Saturday, I ventured down to London for #BlogosphereCafe for prosecco, donuts and a photography lesson from Lauren of Britton Loves. Along the way I met some of the loveliest girls (and one guy)! Bloggers are such a lovely bunch, and there was no cliquey-ness or bad vibes at all.

It was really cool to talk to people who "get it" - as supportive of my blog as my friends are, some things they just don't understand, like scheduling tweets, navigating the confusing world of sponsored posts and what kind of face you're supposed to pull on outfit photos (my current look is a kind of uncomfortable grimace - needs work).

So...? fragrances

Also at #BlogosphereCafe were the So... fragrance team, who were on hand to tell us all about the new body mists and perfumes they're releasing this summer. I remember wearing  the So... Kiss Me body spray a lot in school, and upgrading to So... Desirable once I'd obtained a boyfriend.

However, like me, the fragrances have grown up a lot since crushing on the bassist in the school band, and they're not only pleasing to the nostrils but also your wallet, coming in at £3.99 for a body mist or £6.99 for an eau de parfum.

My favourite is the Sheer Illusion eau de parfum, which not only sticks around for longer than some of my high end perfumes, but smells a lot like Coco Mademoiselle. It's all half price at Superdrug at the moment. £3 for a Chanel dupe? Yes, please!

Reaching some goals

I hit 1.5k on Instagram and 600 followers on Twitter - while this is small fry to many, I'm really proud as I've only started really focusing on these platforms over the past few months, as I mentioned in my last post about growing my Instagram. I also got my first ever Bloglovin save, ahhh.

I'm genuinely so grateful to any of you who take time out of your day to read my little blog, watch my videos or follow me on social media. It looks like I might hit 2k on Insta and 1k on Twitter around the same time, in which case I think I'll have a little giveaway to say thank you, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

My favourite reads this week:

I've decided to stop adding things I haven't liked every week - I felt like it was silly to think of stuff I didn't like to add on here.

Instead, I've decided to share the things I've read and loved online each week, which I think will be a lot more positive and also give me a space to show some appreciation for the ladies who keep me entertained all week.

This week, I've picked my favourite posts from some of the lovely ladies I met on Saturday.

I found fellow northerner Holly's post on improving communication so useful for both my blog and my day job - she somehow manages to sound knowledgeable without being intimidating or condescending, an impressive skill.

I loved looking at all the beautiful blooms at Columbia Road flower market via Jess's post. I never seem to be in London on a Sunday, so I'll have to book my next trip with this in mind! 
Reading Alice's post about her university experience reminded me of my own time at university. I think it's super important to share these kind of experiences of student life as al too often the reality is different to the media portrayal.
Finally, I giggled my way through Immy's life lessons post, I'd definitely give it a read if you're looking for a bit of uplifting wisdom. I'm also jealous of her awesome outfit photos - please teach me how to pose!

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