Coveting: Boarding School Vibes

24 April

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Okay, yes, alright, I admit it, I want to dress like Madeline. You know, the little French boarding school girl. I like a pretty dress and a straw hat.

I'm seriously into this broderie anglaise dress from Topshop. It's being seriously considered as my birthday dress (even though my birthday isn't for eight weeks...not that I'm counting). It's everything I want in a summer dress. Girly, check. Skater shape, check. Frills, check. At £46 it's pretty reasonable for Topshop, especially as I can see myself wearing this well into summer and autumn.

As y'all know (because I haven't stopped banging on about it), I'm booking a holiday soon, so I need a hat to protect the ol' weave and I also want a beach bag that doesn't look like it's come from a clown supplies store. Is that a thing? But yeah, what's with all holiday stuff being ten different garish colours and crazy prints? I like to keep it classy, ta.

As a serial tights wearer - yep, even in summer - I haven't owned a pair of sandals. Yes, you read that right. So, naturally, the pair I bestow with the honour of being my first pair of sandals in seven frickin' years must be perfect. Although I'm not sure how annoying having to tie my sandals might get, these Asos babes pretty much fit the bill. Embroidered and no weird toe thong thing.

To add a little finishing touch, an initial necklace because you know us self-centred millennials, it's all about us...

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