Coveting: Beautiful Bags

03 April

Beautiful Bags

pink embroidered bag - £30 | cream backpack - £29 | blue tote bag - £38 | red structured handbag - £39.50 | glitter peach bag - £28 | pink quilted bag - £26

Oh, hi!

So, recently I've been having a bit of a bag love-in. I've just bought a new laptop, so ideally I'd like a bag big enough to tote that along with me. But not too big. And with a shoulder strap. And not ugly. I don't ask for much. After a near miss with a Zara city bag, I think this pretty pale blue Topshop number will fit the bill.

The thing is though, smaller bags are always way prettier than big, practical bags. Why is this? I want to be practical and enjoy a bit of embroidery. The pink Topshop number above is a bit of a Saint Laurent dupe, and the metallic pink colour is a modern take on all the pretty pink hues hanging around at the moment.

The handsome red bag caught my eye in Marks and Spencer of all places. Does this mean I'm old now? I love the bold colour and the fact that it's structured. I first saw the stunning pink embroidered ASOS bag on Hannah Gale's blog, and it was in my saved items within a matter of seconds. Gucci inspired loveliness for £30? Ooh, go on then.

Finally, if you've seen me in the past week you will have heard me harping on about my new sparkly peach bag. I picked it up in the new Skinny Dip store in Camden (pink heaven, if you were wondering), and I haven't put it down since. Yes, it's impractical and yes, the glitter keeps scratching my hands/clothes, but I love it.

Till next time, pals.

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