The Hit List - 31st March 2017

31 March


Happyyyy Fridayyyy! This weekend could not be more welcome.  What are your plans for the weekend? I'm going out for dinner and drinks with some friends tonight and then I'm hoping for a very long lie in on Sunday. It's just been one of those weeks...



As predicted, I had a lovely time in London last weekend. I always leave feeling rejuvenated, inspired and kind of sad that I can't afford £1,000+ a month for a cute lil' studio flat in Camden.

We started the day off with a miniature schnauzer sighting at Euston (my boyfriend is obsessed with them) and then got the tube to Old Street, where we headed to Shoreditch Grind for coffee and I proceeded to embarrass the aforementioned boyfriend by getting out my tripod to make a time lapse.

We ventured to Bad Egg for brunch, where I learned that breakfast tacos are in fact the best thing you can put in your mouth, had a mooch around Camden and visited the OXO Tower Bar, where we paid £25 for a rum and coke and a pint.

I'm back in London on the 8th of April for Blogosphere Cafe, so HMU if you're going.


So, don't hate me, but I wasn't that into the first two seasons of Broadchurch. I mean, I enjoyed them but I didn't get why everyone was wetting their pants for them. But oh my goodness, this season has been AMAZING. I literally have no clue who did it.

It's the last season and there are only three more episodes to go; I'm hoping for a really satisfying conclusion that ties up all the loose ends.


Remember how I was debating buying a MacBook last week? Window Movie Maker finally pushed me over the edge and I ordered a 13" MacBook Pro. It's so cute! I'm excited to have a laptop that I can carry around without getting a numb arm.

The jump from Windows is taking a little time, and my bank balance is wincing, but I'm definitely a full Apple convert now.



I had two coffees within the space of a few hours on Saturday morning and it took me a while to put two and two together and realise that they were the reason I was feeling weirdly anxious and stressed. I'm not a big coffee drinker or caffeine addict at all, so I didn't realise they would have quite such an effect on me.

From now on, coffee is only permitted in emergencies, like late night panic revision.

My brain

Here's a story. I possibly, inadvertently shoplifted from Tesco on Tuesday morning. I picked up some food for lunch, put it through the self-service checkout, but don't remember paying. I got halfway down the road and thought, "I don't remember paying."

Panicked by thoughts of having grainy CCTV images of myself with "Have you seen this woman?" written on them plastered around my neighbourhood, I emailed Tesco customer service and a lovely lady rang me back to reassure me that their tills matched up so I must have paid, and that people do this all the time. Pretty sure she was just trying to make me feel better though, bless her.

The weird thing is, I never forget anything, but over the past week or so I've had quite a few memory lapses which I'm 90% sure are down to stress. Hopefully my brain will get it's butt into gear and sort itself out. Till then, if anyone wants to pay for me to go on holiday, I wouldn't say no...

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