The Hit List - 24th March 2017

24 March


Hello all, happy Friday! I enjoyed writing this list so much last week that I thought I'd try and keep it up on a weekly basis. It's a fun way to remember and appreciate the nice things that have happened this week, as well as reflecting on some that maybe haven't gone to plan...



I promise I won't put this one in every month! But payday is always welcome in my bank account, although the majority of my money is gone within a day to pay for exciting things like rent and council tax.

I'm on a bit of a saving mission at the moment as you'll know if you read my 2017 goals, however I've also decided to invest in a MacBook Pro in the (hopefully) near future. My current laptop is enormous and insanely heavy, so a little MacBook will be the perfect accessory to accompany me while sipping coffee pretentiously in LEAF.

Joanie Clothing

I feel like Joanie Clothing is the brand I've been dreaming of. Their mix of retro style dresses and slogan tops are right up my street.

I've bought quite a few of their pieces as of late, most recently the Brett french fries breton. Stripes and fries? Yes, please.

Blogger chats

I spent the majority of my Sunday evening on Twitter, getting involved with some of the blogger chats. It's so lovely to talk to people with similar interests, and the positivity and kindness shared gave me a warm fuzzy feeling which took the edge off the Monday dread.

The chats I usually hang out in are #tbhchat hosted by The Bloggers Hub, the GRLPOWR chat and the Blogosphere Magazine chat. If you're a new blogger, I'd recommend getting involved as they're a great way of making some blogger pals.


LVL Lashes

I'll post a full review of these at some point, although I'm not sure whether this will be in blog or vlog form. LVL Lashes are basically tinted, permed lashes. They do look amazing when they're first done, and you have big fluttery lashes with no effort, which is nice.


I ran into problems from the get-go as it's insanely hard to apply liquid eyeliner with super curly lashes, and you all know how much I love my liner. Also, after a few weeks, some lashes have started to straighten, which makes it impossible to wear mascara without making a big ol' mess. I'd definitely get my lashes tinted in future, but LVL lashes aren't for me.


Following on from my last post, I'm tired of complaining in general. Obviously everyone likes a whinge every now and again, but negativity is draining and contagious. I might try to go 21 days without complaining.

Whiners are weiners.


I know how bad sugar is for me, and yet I continue to eat Oreos like I'm going on an a lemonade and cayenne pepper cleanse (never gonna happen). I'm making an effort to cut down on desserts, biscuits and anything chocolate but that darn sweet tooth of mine keeps stalking me.

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