Coveting: Topshop Embroidery and Stompy Boots

13 March

Topshop - 13 March 2017
velvet pinafore - £40  | panda shirt - £30  | embroidered blouse - £34  | polka dot blouse - £36  | studded boots - £85  | embroidered slippers - £26  | floral clutch bag - £25

Well,  hello there! Let's not talk about how I not only failed my New Year's resolution of blogging once a week, but pretty much abandoned my blog for the first quarter of the year - oops. What can I say? I've had three exams (accountancy is hard, man) and when I haven't been studying I've been trying to maintain some semblance of a social life.

I've decided that I need to pretty much overhaul my wardrobe, the sooner the better. I used to dress super girly, and while I still like that, I feel like a) all of my favourite pieces have literally been worn to death (RIP my favourite blue collared dress) and I'm left with a wardrobe of ill-fitting, meh clothes which were bought on a whim and b) I need to mature my style and make it a little more, dare I say it, grown up.

I absolutely adore the current trends of beautiful frills and ruffles, and I'd like to pair the shirts shown here with a patent leather skirt, black skinnies or a pinafore to stop them being too twee.

I'm also really into embroidery, but in a subtle way. I think the bag or shoes pictured here would be great for adding interest to a plain outfit. The bag in particular is so pretty and unique, and a lot less expensive than it looks.

Finally, I'm obsessed with these stompy biker boots, which give more than a subtle nod to the Givenchy ones currently doing the rounds - at literally 10% of the price, you can't complain! I think I'll wear these with a really girly summer dress for a fun contrast.

Which trends are you loving this season?

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