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27 March

Home Comforts

white retro chair - £21.50 | pink faux fur cushion - £8 | white bedside table | white table lamp - £29 | mid-century dressing table - £79 | faux sheepskin rug - £10

Hello, and happy Monday! I hope you've all had the best weekend and are ready to kick the new week's butt.

My boyfriend and I headed to London before the sun rose on Saturday, and had a fun 12 hours of exploring. We had breakfast at Bad Egg in Moorgate and lunch at Bird in Camden, and I'd highly recommend both. We're very into our food so we research and plan most of our days out around where we want to eat. We do have lives, honest.

Anyway, I thought I'd share some homey bits that I have on my virtual wishlist at the moment.

My living room and kitchen are one big room, and there's a big space in one corner which looks a bit sad and empty. I work from home two days a week as well as blogging and making videos, usually either on the sofa or in bed, which I'm sure isn't good for me. So, I decided to create a little work space for myself.

I've already put up a few prints, and I've ordered this bargainous retro chair from Amazon as an alternative to your standard ugly office chair and the Malmo dressing table from Very. Although it's not technically a desk, I've been looking for a desk in this style for ages and this is the first one I've seen for less than £100. I also want to buy this lamp because, well I like it. Plus, it's from IKEA and I'll take any excuse to visit that wonderland of interior dreams.

Bedroom wise, my current furniture is 1. not the most attractive and b. falling apart, so I'm in the market for some new stuff. I bought everything in a rush when I moved house, as needed somewhere to store the ridiculous amount of clothes I own and didn't give it much thought.

I've already bought a white clothes rail to hang my prettier clothes on (planning on getting some copper hangers too because I'm not enough of an Instagram cliche already) and I want a wide chest chest of drawers for things like t-shirts and pyjamas. I have my eye on the Selje bedside tables above as a finishing touch. They're nothing special really, but I think the legs give them a little mid-century quirk.

Finally, I'm kind of bored of the cushions currently adorning my sofa (mustard yellow and white chevron, if you were wondering), and I've had my eye on these Matalan babies for a while. £8, though. EIGHT POUNDS. I bow down to the Matalan homeware gods. Funnily enough, I actually hate having cushions on the sofa when I'm sitting on it, so they all get chucked on the floor most of the time anyway...

What do you think of my plans? Are you buying any homeware soon? Can you tell me why office chairs are so hideous?

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