Future-proofing Myself

06 January


For as long as I can remember, I've wanted to be prepared for the future. I've wanted to know that I'd be okay, mentally and financially, no matter what happened. This has manifested itself in positive ways; pushing myself at work, studying outside of work and becoming independent at a very young age.

I work hard because I don't want to be caught out. I don't like asking for money because there's a certain pride in being completely independent, even if that means having pesto pasta for dinner every day the week before payday. I'm studying to become an accountant alongside my current job and blogging because people will always need accountants. I want to be prepared for every single possibility in life, and it's exhausting.

If you're my age and your parents are divorced, maybe you can relate to how I feel. It's not that I don't trust anyone, but nothing is guaranteed. If I get too comfortable, I feel like life will pull the rug out from under me as punishment. I want to protect myself from any possible disasters. I want to be future-proof

When I think about buying a house or raising children, I always plan as if I'll be doing it on my own. You might see it as pessimistic, maybe just sensible. But in reality, am I going to have to  those things alone? Probably not. I used to surround myself with people I wasn't particularly bothered about, because if they left I wouldn't be hurt. That's not sensible, that's stupid.

I'm not really sure of the point of this post. It's just something I've been thinking about lately. You can try to be prepared for any eventuality, but life will most likely always throw a curve-ball at you.

Everything needs balance, and you can be prepared to an extent while also allowing yourself to enjoy life without worrying about things going wrong.

Peace out.

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