The Best Burgers in Liverpool

19 December

Apologies for the lack of posts over the past week or so - exams, work and general Christmas/end of year stress have been taking up the majority of my time and unfortunately that's meant that the ol' blog has taken a backseat. I have an exam on Wednesday (keep your fingers crossed for me!) and then I have some time off so regular posting (and videos) will commence.

I get asked about who does the best burgers in Liverpool by far the most over any other food. Everyone loves a burger, right? Here's where, in my opinion, you'll find the juiciest, craziest, tastiest burgers in Liverpool.


Where: 81 Bold Street, Liverpool, L1 4HF

Why it's the best: I thought I disliked Nolita Cantina for a good year or so, because the only time I'd been I just really wasn't hungry and unfairly blamed the food. What a fool. My boyfriend Kev then took me for our first proper date and I was introduced to one of the best chicken burgers I've ever eaten. 

I believe the burger pictured above is called a Hot Mess (apt) and it's just your regular cheeseburger...with peanut butter and popcorn on it. Yep. It's damn tasty, and the favourite of my friend Shaun. I also recommend the fish fry burgers and the Nomita veggie burger - I appreciate it when restaurants have a vegetarian option you might actually choose over meat.

The decor is very retro and Americana inspired, so you'll find a lot of red and white decorations alongside random trinkets.


Where: 1 Maryland Street, Liverpool, L1 9DE

Why it's the best: If you're after an exceptionally delicious, classic burger, FSK is your guy. I'd compare their burgers to Five Guys - nothing outlandish, just a small selection of well cooked burgers. I go for either the American cheeseburger because I can't get enough of ketchup and mustard as a condiment combo, or the garden burger because as you've probably realised by now, I enjoy a good veggie burger.

FSK is a bit out of the way which sadly means that it's underappreciated, although this does mean that there are usually free tables and no queues. They also have a beautiful garden area to sit in when the sun's out, and hold markets there every few weeks.

Oh, and they do Vanilla Coke.


Where: 60 Berry Street, Liverpool, L1 4JQ

Why it's the best: I think Yardbird is probably Kev's favourite place in the world except maybe Anfield, so it's fair to say that I've spent a lot of time here. It can be hit and miss on occasion, but when it's on form its burgers are some of the best. My favourite is the Leftorium - chicken, bacon, cheese and south west sauce - but they've recently had a shake up and brought back the Dead Man's Swerve, which was my fave back in the day. Did I mention that I like creative food names?

Yardbird has a very casual vibe - a diner/dive atmosphere, good tunes and a big TV which is usually playing the footy or a random film (and I mean RANDOM - Bicentennial Man was on when I went the other week). It's a good one to visit if you like burgers but prefer chicken to a classic hamburger: they're all about the bird, if you hadn't guessed from the name.


Almost Famous: 11-13 Parr Street, Liverpool, L1 4JN

Slim's Pork Chop Express: 85 Seel Street, Liverpool, L1 4BB
Rookwood Bar & 'Cue: 14 Back Colquitt Street, Liverpool  L1 4DE

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