Overcoming My Shyness

02 December


At the beginning of this year, I was the type of girl people would describe as "wouldn't say boo to a goose" (who even came up with that daft AF phrase?). I was super shy and quiet, and you couldn't pay me to walk into a venue full of people I'd never met on my own. I would refrain from replying to people's tweets in case they thought I was annoying and often couldn't go to things like parties or gatherings because I was too anxious about people I didn't know being there.
Almost twelve months on, I feel completely different. I love making new friends and I rarely turn down an invitation to something I'm interested in. In the space of a month I went to a band signing alone and went to a wedding where I knew nobody except the bride, groom and one other person and I had the best time.
So, what's triggered this change? I put it down to three things.
The first thing is my job. I've been in my current role a while, but this past year things have really taken off and I feel like I've progressed a lot, career-wise. I'm now a project manager, and part of the job involves A LOT of travelling and meeting new people. 
My previous jobs in customer service and human resources also involved a lot of exposure to people, but usually in a negative way. So I think, in my head, I saw other people as "bad" because I had a lot of negative experiences with them yelling at me about their table lamp not being delivered, etc. and this meant that I flt a tad uneasy around everyone except my friends and family.
My current job has shown me that most people are actually pretty alright, and through having to meet new people and be professional, I've naturally become more confident doing it. Turns out that fake it till you make it really works.
Another huge influencing factor is my boyfriend. He is super supportive of everything I do, and always encourages me to push myself out of my comfort zone and put myself out there, whether it's work, my blog or social stuff.
The final change is from myself. In this year, I've really become comfortable in my own skin and happy with who I am. I'm not sure if this is a sign of becoming a mature adult (eep!) or whether something's clicked in my brain., but I've stopped questioning whether people are going to judge me, or think I'm uncool - I'm happy with myself and that's what matters.

I think I'll always have a shy side, it's just who I am. But now I know how to leave that behind when it matters and walk into a room with the confidence of Daenerys Targaryen taking back Westeros.

And on that note, I'm excited (and little bit terrified) to tell you that I'm going to my very first blogger event tomorrow! Eek! 

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