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05 December





Hi guys, I'm writing this post today with a sore wrist from carrying a crate of food up four staircases and no heating because my boiler has broken. All in all, not my best day.

I just wanted to let you know about Miyagi, a Japanese inspired restaurant on Bold Street (and more recently, Allerton Road) in Liverpool. It's recently undergone a bit of a menu change-up and is now more of a tapas kinda vibe, which was brilliant news to me as it means I can try more dishes at a time.

The main menu is split into three parts, From the Garden (veggie), From the Sea (fish) and From the Land (meat). I opted for the California sushi rolls and the lobster and crayfish brioche while Kev, who's a little bit less adventurous with food, went for a classic chicken katsu curry with Mr M's special fried rice, and we shared some salt and pepper fries between us. Yep, we're greedy.

This turned out to be just the right amount of food thanks to the smaller portions. I love sushi so I was made up with the California rolls. Sometimes I find sushi rice a bit cloying but these were perfect and light. My lobster and crayfish roll also went down a treat, with an excellent bread to filling ratio (important!).

Obviously for review purposes I had to give Kev's food a try too, gutted. The chicken was really crispy and came with a good amount of sauce. The last restaurant I had katsu in gave me about a teaspoon full of sauce and really soggy chicken so Miyagi's katsu was glorious in comparison to that. The rice was also mega tasty, as were the salt and pepper fries and I would recommend both as great sides to compliment your main dishes.

However, the absolute highlight of the meal was dessert. Dessert is the highlight of most meals for me if I'm honest, but this one was out of this world.It's called Round the Campfire, and it's marshmallows, chocolate sauce and cookies WITH YOUR OWN CAMPFIRE to roast your marshmallows on. Oh my goodness. Hands down the best dessert idea ever. Aside from the novelty aspect, it also tasted amazing and I've decided that gooey marshmallows with chocolate sauce are my new favourite food.

Two other important things to note: our waiter was absolutely amazing and couldn't do enough for us. He also complimented my eyeliner, so we're best pals now.


The second thing is that Miyagi have a bar upstairs which is visually, one of the coolest bars in town and serves cocktails which are as awesome as the food downstairs.

Overall, I would fully recommend Miyagi and I reckon it's a great venue for most occasions - date, celebratory meal, casual lunch - so if you're in Liverpool and fancy some Asian food with beautiful surroundings definitely check it out.

You can find Miyagi at 77 Bold Street, Liverpool, L1 4EZ and 137-139 Allerton Road, Liverpool, L18 2OD.

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