7 Things All Girls With False Nails Can Relate To

30 November


Being a nail biter as far back as I can remember, I'm not used to having pretty nails. Sure, I paint them, but they never seem to grow past the top of my fingertips. A few months ago, I started having acrylic nails done and I haven't looked back since. However, I have learned that there are a few strange habits you pick up when you start getting your nails did.

1. You'll start off being super careful at all times in order to protect your beautiful new talons. Buttoning your coat? Better not. What if one snaps off or gets smudged?

2. You can no longer do everyday tasks. Like typing, getting dressed and preparing food. No biggie.

3. You will need to call in assistance to help you with the above. Kev was not impressed that he had to start zipping up my dresses for me.

4. But you will learn how to do stuff again when you get used to having claws, mostly involving using the side of them to open things.

5. Your nail polish won't chip for ages. I don't know about you, but on my natural nails, polish usually chips after a few hours. With acrylics it stays perfect for a good two weeks at least.

6. Breaking a nail actually hurts. I didn't learn this until I had acrylics because, well, my nails usually got bitten off before breaking. But yep, it's pretty damn painful.

7. When the acrylics come off, your natural nails will look disgusting. It's no secret that acrylics aren't the healthiest option, but I was still shocked at the state of my nails when one of my nails came off. Better book in for a new set, pronto...

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