Slim's Pork Chop Express, Seel Street, Liverpool

04 November

I'm back with another post to try and justify the fact that I go out to eat wayyy too often.

Slim's Pork Chop Express is another place I tend to take my friends and family to, it's in what I like to refer to as the foodie part of Liverpool, near Bold Street.  It also won a Diner's Choice Award last year. Fancy.

It looks tiny from the outside, but it's actually pretty big, with a cute little bar area and a small restaurant area, and more tables and the kitchen upstairs.

It's hard to describe the interior; it's similar to a diner in that the food and cocktail menus are on the walls and the decor is quite simple, but at the same time it's very unique. The bar area as you come in is probably the most eye-catching area of the restaurant, with a statement wall on one side and the bar on the other. Oh, and the floor is made out of pennies.


The menu is absolutely massive and it can be difficult to choose something when everything sounds good! Slim's are pretty famous for their amazing fries, and I can vouch for the lo pan and chilli cheese fries, which are my favourite. I've only actually had the chilli cheese fries once or twice as everyone I go out for food with can't handle spice. Sad face. The mac and cheese seems to get better every time I eat it, and the kornflake fried chicken is pretty phenomenal, too. I *think* the batter has Frosties in it.

There's a range of burgers and smoked meats available, and a lo pan banquet which includes Philly cheese-steak spring rolls. My friend got the banquet on her own purely for the spring rolls, so they must be good.

The food comes out on a big tray and is put in the middle of the table so everyone can share.

There are also specials on most weekends and have "daiquiri and dim sum Tuesdays", as well as what I've heard is a banging Sunday roast.


Slim's have really good service, the staff are super friendly and don't mind if you want to leave out toppings, etc.

I also really like that you can book a table, it irks me a little bit how you can't make reservations at certain restaurants. Like nah, I'll pass on waiting 45 minutes for a table thanks. So, extra points for that.


Prices are pretty reasonable, at £6/7 for a huge portion of fries and between £6 and £11 for a main, depending on what you fancy.

Beers are around £4 and cocktails are £7-9.

Then, once you've finished your food, you can head next door to Salt Dog Slim's for a stein that's bigger than your head...

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