How To Stop Caring About What Other People Think

14 November


These flowers don't give a shit about what anyone thinks.

I used to spend a good portion of my day worrying about other people's thoughts. Will people think I look fat in this outfit? Will people think I look like a twat in these sunglasses? Should I share the funny blog post I wrote on Facebook?

I'm not sure whether there was some sort of defining moment, or whether it's something that's happened naturally as I've matured, but I don't seem to have these thoughts on a regular basis anymore. I no longer let the thought of other people's judgement stop me from doing, saying or wearing whatever I want.

It's all about confidence and a sense of self. If you have these, you won't feel the need to seek the approval of others, because you'll already have your own approval and that's the most important thing. If your life is being dictated by trying to please everyone else, how can you be true to yourself? 

How will you know what you want, and what makes you happy?

I've dabbled in blogging many times, and it's never stuck. I think that part of the reason for that is because I was reluctant to share my blog on social media for fear of being judged, so my blog never grew. How stupid is that? I created a space online to share my thoughts, and I let the possible opinions of Facebook "friends" I haven't spoken to in years prevent me from really going for it.

I no longer care about that. I'm proud of the content I create on here, and if an old classmate I never particularly liked in the first place thinks it's cringe, I don't really give a monkey's.

Don't let what people might think stop you from putting yourself out there. Share your work, express your opinion, wear the showstopping outfit. It's the only way you'll succeed in this world. You might get the odd idiot who tries to put you down. It's all down to jealousy that you've got the balls to stand out and they haven't.

Remember, most people are too caught up in their own thoughts to care about what you're doing anyway.

Do whatever you like as long as you're not hurting anyone, and be happy.

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