Five Blogs You Need To Read Immediately

21 November


Since I first started reading blogs around 2009, they've kind of taken over my life, in a good way. I no longer spend £20 a month on magazines, because instead I can read about fashion, makeup and life online, written by girls just like me.

It's nice to spread the love, so as a thank you to the girls who provide me with reading entertainment every day, I thought I'd share some of my favourite blogs with you today. 


I was embarrassingly late to the Hannah Gale party. I'd seen her site shared on my Facebook a few times, but around July this year, I read one of her posts off the back of a retweet and it was pretty much the only website I read for about a month. I'm not exaggerating, I read all of Hannah's posts going back to about this time last year. What can I say? When I like something, I really like it. And I read fast.

What I love about Hannah's blog is her honesty. She's a full time blogger and makes no secret of the hard work and struggles that come with the job. I particularly love her 'Dear Diary' posts and the fact that she's relatable without trying too hard. Hannah also seems to share my love of cats, a healthy dose of leopard print and sunglasses at all possible times, so she's clearly got A+ taste.

Becky's blog is a recent discovery. As with most bloggers, I found her via Twitter and immediately loved her approachable writing style and the oh-so-pretty Instagram-esque layout of her site.

Becky's blogging and social media tips are so helpful without being patronising or condescending. She's quickly become one of my go-to girls for blogging and photography advice.

Grace's blog is one I rely on when I'm feeling down or unmotivated and need someone to say "Get your shit together girl, you can do this." Her site is kind of like the blog equivalent of a motivational quote, and I really admire her tell it like it is approach. She screams confidence but also doesn't hesitate to share her insecurities, and I love that.

Grace also has a badass sense of style and her list posts make laugh out loud.


I've followed Corrie's blog for years now, and her blog remains one of my favourites. Even though she's been on the blogging scene for ages, her writing still reads like having a conversation with one of your best mates.

Although Corrie primarily writes about beauty, she also throws together a great outfit and writes a lot of deep posts, lots of which have made me think "OMG, me too!" She comes across as such a warm, genuinely nice person, and despite being a full time blogger/YouTuber seems super down to earth.

Who are your favourite bloggers?

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