Blogging Rules I Disagree With

09 November

UntitledHere's a photo of me being Autumnal as fuck.

As blogging is such a big thing now, there are countless guides giving advice on what to do, what not to do, how to make it big in the blogosphere. And this is great and super helpful but at the same time, the amount of "rules" there are kind of takes the fun out of blogging when I'm trying to write and I can hear a little voice in the back of my mind telling me that I'm getting it all wrong.

So, here are a few of the aforementioned rules I don't agree with and why.

Thou shalt promote your blog constantly on Twitter. Okay, so I've recently been converted to scheduling links to my blog posts on Twitter, otherwise I just forget to tweet at all. I'm very, very bad at Twitter. But while I agree that for bloggers, linking to your blog a few times a day is important, I try and mix my feed up with my own inane 140 character thoughts as well. 

However, nothing turns me off more than someone who only posts blog links on Twitter, 245243154 times a day. It just takes all of the personality out of it. And surely personality is what social media is all about?

Thou shalt have an Instagram theme. Every blogger I follow on Instagram seems to have a beautiful, uniform theme (usually I love looking at pretty Instagram themes, but I have no idea how people find so many pastel coloured things to take photos of. Is there a secret candy-coloured location I haven't been informed of? I love pink as much as the next basic bitch, but I just don't have the discipline to not put up a photo I love because it doesn't fit with my theme.

Thou shalt use WordPress. I forced myself to use WordPress for months because all the blogging advice told me it was the best platform and that Blogger was inferior. But I just didn't get on with it at all, and felt like I was failing because I didn't understand the hype. I'm now on Blogger, which I find much easier to play about with. 

Also, who even knows or cares what platform you're using, as long as your content is on top form?

Thou shalt have 10 massive photos included in each blog post. Personally, I read blogs to, erm, read. Not to scroll past loads of huge, unrelated photos of an outfit/flatlay, which seems to be a trend at the moment. And I get that visuals and aesthetics are important but to me, unless it's an outfit post, a few photos at most are fine. Don't even get me started on photos modified for Pinterest...

Thou shalt not aim to blog as a career. To me, telling someone not to blog with the intention of making a career out of it is the same as telling someone not to become an accountant unless they enjoy it as a hobby. 

Blogging can be an actual job now, and probably has a higher success rate than becoming a traditional journalist. Not to mention you don't have to be able to afford to do countless unpaid internships in London to get your foot in the door, So if you want to write for a living, why wouldn't you blog?

It also seems a tad hypocritical that most people who preach this are professional bloggers themselves. I do blog as a hobby because I find it fun, and I love my (unrelated) career. But if someone offered to pay me the same salary to blog full time, hell yes I would accept that opportunity and there's no shame in that.

My point here is not to say that you shouldn't do these things, but to point out that you don't have to follow certain rules to be a blogger. Part of the fun of blogging is that everyone does it their own way and that each blog is individual and reflects the personality and style of the person writing it. Don't worry about what you should be doing, just do you and enjoy it.

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