9 Things That Happen When You Have A Football-Obsessed Boyfriend

07 November


Before I start, I should probably point out that this post is written tongue in cheek and that I'm aware that lots of women like football. I personally have no interest in it and before I started going out with my current boyfriend I had never gone out with someone who was into it, so it's fair to say the last year and a bit has been a massive learning curve for me.

1. Your weekend activities will be dictated by the footy. Cute winter market on in town? Grandma's birthday lunch? That's all fine, but we need to get back for 3 because LFC are playing.

2. You will learn the name of his team's players, manager and anyone else remotely involved with them. Do you know the names of Jurgen Klopp's wife and kids? I do...

3. He'll go into a strange, trance-like state when his team are on TV. Now is the time to ask him to put in a contribution towards that cute leopard print coat you've been after. That's right, just hand over the bank card, pal.

4. You'll learn the fixtures off by heart. It's essential if you want to know when you're next going to see your boyfriend.

5. You'll feel slightly hurt that he doesn't get as excited to see you as he does to go to the match. It's not that he's not as happy to see you, it's just that it's a different, less vocal form of joy.

6. You'll pretend to understand and be interested in the football stories he tells you. Just smile and nod.

7. He won't just watch his team play, he'll watch every single match. See, how other teams do affects his team's position in the league, or at least that's what I'm told. Not sure how watching Spanish teams fits into this explanation, but I'll take his word for it.

8. A fun way to wind him up is to remind him that it's just a game. Go on, try it. It's amusing (and a little bit scary).

9. You'll start to low-key support his team. Including keeping an eye on the scores when they're playing and he's not around. After all, if he loves it this much there must be something to it.

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