Yes, You Can Still Be A Feminist If...

24 October

1. You love wearing dresses, heels and other ‘girly’ clothing
2. You hate wearing dresses, heels and other ‘girly’ clothing
3. You’re straight
4. You’re gay
5. You’re of another sexual orientation
6. You want children
7. You don’t want children
8. You haven’t decided whether you want children or not yet and the whole thing confuses and scares the heck out of you.
9. You’re very career driven
10. You couldn’t care less about climbing the career ladder
11.  You rely on someone for financial or emotional support
12. You’re fiercely independent
13. You’ve had lots of sex
14. You’re a virgin
15. You shave your legs
16. You let your hair grow
17. You wear lots of makeup
18. You don’t wear any makeup
19. You like rap music
20. You like feminist anthems
21. Taking provocative photos makes you feel empowered
22. You have any hair length or style
23. You do the housework
24. You don’t do any housework
25. You like stereotypical ‘feminine’ things
26. You like stereotypical ‘masculine’ things
27. You’re not into politics
28. You’re a woman
29. You’re a man
30. You’re any gender
You can’t be a feminist if:
You don’t believe that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities.

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