Why I've Decided To Completely Overhaul My Blog

21 October


Yep, that's me driving a boat.

I've been blogging in some way or another for years now, since I first had Broadband and created a MySpace page. I love writing and I like sharing my life so I'm pretty much a slave to social media. I joke (but not really). A few years ago I discovered fashion and beauty bloggers and decided to create my own blog. I quickly learned that you need lots of money for a good camera and equipment, clothes, makeup etc. and also that I much prefer reading about fashion and beauty than writing about it.

I still dabbled in blogging afterwards but didn't take it seriously. Then, earlier this year, I had a bit of free time and decided to create a "proper" blog called The Career Kitchen, because I couldn't find any UK blogs which focused on helping women further their careers. I thought it was a great idea, and I still do, but there were a few things which made the initial excitement burn out after a while. 

By having a blog about a specific topic, I was limiting myself to only writing posts relevant to that subject. This meant that I couldn't post about a trip away, a new restaurant I'd been to, what I was loving that week, and I like writing about those things. For some reason I also felt that I needed to write in a very formal style if I was giving advice, and this stopped my personality coming through and made the blog seem cold and impersonal (to me, anyway).

Something I always found difficult when it came to blogging was taking advice to heart and feeling pressure to do things "right". I felt that I should write in a certain style, that my blog should look a certain way, that I should be using a certain platform. It completely sucked the fun and creativity out of blogging for me. Blogging advice posts are so helpful, but at the end of the day your blog is your personal space on the internet and the only thing that matters is that you're happy with it. The best blogging advice I've seen is to write what you would want to read. If you don't love your own content, why would anyone else?

So, here's the deal.

This website is a mixture of what I like, what I've been up to, some advice posts and the odd general rambling thrown in for good measure. I'm not going to limit myself to posting about specific topics, but I'm still going to make sure my posts are (hopefully) fresh, interesting and something you'll enjoy reading. I'm also going to start dabbling in YouTube in the near future. The thought of talking to a camera and putting it online terrifies me slightly, but that's kind of why I want to do it.

Thank you for sticking with me.

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