10 No Effort Required Ways To Save Money

23 October

Almost everyone I know struggles to save money, especially those of us renting property whilst simultaneously trying to save up for a deposit on a house and holidays (#firstworldproblems, but problems nonetheless). Our generation particularly seems susceptible to aspirational social media and advertising that tells us that we need their products in order to be seen as successful or on trend, but let’s save that for another post.
Below are 10 ways to save money that are so easy, you probably won’t even notice that you’re doing them!
1. Drink mostly water
You’ll save at least a few pounds a week as well as improving your health by cutting out your daily coffee/Coke/glass of wine and having a glass of water instead.
2. Use cash
I find that if I ban myself from paying for things on my card, I’m much more mindful of what I’m buying because I’m more aware of how much I spend.
3. Shop at discount supermarkets
Although there is less of a stigma around Aldi et al. these days, lots of people still shop at more expensive supermarkets. Many discount supermarkets sell produce of the same, sometimes better, quality as the big names, and shops like Home Bargains sell branded goods for a fraction of the usual price. But if you’re not convinced…
4. Shop for food online
Less temptation to buy things you don’t need and and it’s easier to find the cheapest items.
5. Empty your change into a jar every week
You’ll be surprised at how quickly it adds up. Lots of shops have machines which will count how much you have for you as well.
6. Treat yourself before payday instead of after
You know how sometimes the week after you get paid you live like a queen, then have to live off baked beans for the rest of the month? Saving your payday splurge till just before you get paid will put a stop to that.
7. Swap nights out for nights in
You can still make an event of things by making food and cocktails, but it will cost you a fraction of the price and you won’t need to wait in the cold for a taxi afterwards – win!
8. Walk
I have a terribly lazy habit of getting a taxi from the train station to my place instead of walking for twenty minutes. It only costs about £3 per journey, but by cutting this out and walking instead I would save around £12 a week.
9. Challenge yourself to have a spend-free weekend
Find out what you can do for free where you live and cook meals from ingredients you already have in the house. Surprisingly fun.
10. Use a spreadsheet to plan your budget and track your spending
Here's a good one, and it's free! 

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