Why We'll Never Make It

01 August


I currently live in a Pinterest-worthy (read: covered in fairy lights and candles) apartment in the city centre. I like my job. I’m in a happy relationship. I go out most weekends. I’m extremely lucky.
And yet I’m still constantly hunting down the next thing which will make me happy, whether that’s a pay rise, a new pair of shoes or the next life step. If eighteen year old me could see me today, I’d like to think she’d be impressed. So why am I never content with what I have?
Yep, I live on my own and pay all my bills on time, but wait, I should be buying a house by now. I’m studying to become an accountant but I’m not doing the exams as quickly as I could. I eat healthily most of the time but I should really be exercising more as well because now I’m 25 my metabolism will come to a grinding halt.
Nothing I do is ever enough, in my head. I’m just waiting for the moment that my life feels complete, where I’ve achieved everything. I think a lot of us are. But there isn’t a point where we “win”. That’s not how it works.
Social media isn’t helpful in this type of situation, when we can’t help but compare our lives to everyone else’s. As one of my friends put it the other day, “I don’t even want to get engaged or have a baby. I just see it on Facebook and want it because someone else has it.” Being able to see a highlight reel of everyone else’s life exploits our insecurities about how we’re doing and where we think we should be.
We need to accept that while we don’t have control over every aspect of our life, we can do our best to find contentment in our current situation while continuing to grow at our own pace. Personally, I don’t think I’ll ever tick off everything on my life’s to-do list. It’s always growing. But without having new things to aim for and look forward to, where would the fun be?

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