Four realisations I've had about blogging

Wednesday, 26 April 2017 |

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I've been blogging pretty much consistently since October now, and I've discovered a lot of new things about myself and running a blog along the way.

Today, I thought I'd share the top four things I've learned with you:

Patience is key

There are two stages of starting a blog. and they're kind of like a seesaw. The first part is when the seesaw is up: you've finally started to give this blogging thing a go, and you're full of inspiration, motivation and raw enthusiasm. You read up on all things blogging, click publish on your first post and tweet a link to your page on your various social medias.


The other side of the seesaw, sitting in the dirt. You have barely any views and feel like you're talking to yourself. The high of starting a blog has worn off and you find yourself completely demotivated, contemplating throwing in the towel.

You can't expect to go viral the minute you hit publish and start raking in the page views. You haven't earned it yet. The big time bloggers of today have actually been around for years, working away to gain a loyal audience who are excited to read, like and share their posts.

It just takes time.

Building a following is time consuming

Here are some things which will help you to grow your blog/social media following:
  • leaving comments on other people's blogs, videos and Instagram
  • promoting your content and using relevant hashtags
  • interacting with people on social media
  • participating in Twitter chats
  • researching how to grow your blog/social media following
Now, as fun as all of these are, they take up a lot of time. Time that you don't really have when you're working full time and studying, as well as running a blog. I always notice a massive increase in blog views when I've had a few days off, as I've had a bit more time to promote my stuff, take pretty photos and chat with you all on Twitter.

It can be hard to motivate yourself to take part in that Twitter chat or research the most effective Instagram hashtags to use when you've been slogging away in an office all day and battled through an hour long commute. But it is so, so rewarding to chat with people who share your interests, and it feels good to share a little love via comment.

You need to blog for yourself

For the past few years, blogging has been something that I'm extremely passionate about, but have always struggled to keep up with after a few months. I think that this is because I was paying too much attention to what the "experts" were telling me, and comparing myself to what everyone else was doing. I wasn't blogging for me.

I don't need a niche. I don't need to spend shedloads of money on a DSLR. I don't need to dress in a certain way. I decided to do whatever I wanted, and so far it's working. Don't get me wrong, I want people to enjoy what I post. But if I don't have my heart in it, it's not going to be as good.

If you want great selfies, stand in front of a window

Try it, you'll never go back.

Coveting: Boarding School Vibes

Monday, 24 April 2017 |

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Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 18.21.04

Okay, yes, alright, I admit it, I want to dress like Madeline. You know, the little French boarding school girl. I like a pretty dress and a straw hat.

I'm seriously into this broderie anglaise dress from Topshop. It's being seriously considered as my birthday dress (even though my birthday isn't for eight weeks...not that I'm counting). It's everything I want in a summer dress. Girly, check. Skater shape, check. Frills, check. At £46 it's pretty reasonable for Topshop, especially as I can see myself wearing this well into summer and autumn.

As y'all know (because I haven't stopped banging on about it), I'm booking a holiday soon, so I need a hat to protect the ol' weave and I also want a beach bag that doesn't look like it's come from a clown supplies store. Is that a thing? But yeah, what's with all holiday stuff being ten different garish colours and crazy prints? I like to keep it classy, ta.

As a serial tights wearer - yep, even in summer - I haven't owned a pair of sandals. Yes, you read that right. So, naturally, the pair I bestow with the honour of being my first pair of sandals in seven frickin' years must be perfect. Although I'm not sure how annoying having to tie my sandals might get, these Asos babes pretty much fit the bill. Embroidered and no weird toe thong thing.

To add a little finishing touch, an initial necklace because you know us self-centred millennials, it's all about us...

The List: 21st April 2017

Friday, 21 April 2017 |

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Oh, heyyyy. Just monkeying around in the cinema. I haven't linked my outfit as it's all mega old except my bag, which you've heard me banging on about for weeks. Hope you all had a mighty fine Easter/four day week. Let's not beat around the bush, here's what I've enjoyed this week.


I had a very family-centred Easter, with a family lunch on Good Friday and then spending the rest of the long weekend helping my boyfriend to paint my auntie's house (read: cuddling the cats and making tea). It was lovely to hang out with my family, I really need to make more of an effort to see them as I always have a fab time and really do appreciate them.

I also got to meet my cousin's new baby Alex, he's the cutest thing I've ever seen and so snuggly. How do people who have baby siblings/nieces and nephews not feel broody all the time?

Exam results

I frickin' passed my tax exam, yes yes yes! I was all prepared to receive a message saying I'd failed on Monday morning, so when I woke up at 2am and saw the message saying "PASS", I squealed in delight, waking my boyfriend up in the process.

Although I'm thrilled every time I pass an exam, I'm very proud of this one in particular as I had less than two months to learn the study material and the textbook was literally thicker than a Harry Potter book.

So you know, if you have any tax questions, hit a girl up.

Sign of the Times

I know Harry Styles's single was released a few weeks ago now, but somehow it slipped my mind last week. I'm not sure how, considering I've played it on repeat since. I'm not sure what I was expecting from him...but it wasn't that.

The song is beaut, his voice is beaut, he's beaut. I'm not a fan girl, honest...

What I've been reading this week:

It all blew up this week, didn't it? If you were busy eating your Easter eggs on Monday, you may have missed all the drama on Twitter re: bloggers using Instagram bots to increase their engagement/following. As much as I find it irritating to see the same users constantly following and unfollowing me later, and disagree with making a living through fraud, at the end of the day it's just a photo sharing app and publicly shaming people isn't helpful and can lead to false accusations being chucked around. Hannah's post about the drama really resonated with me.

In a similar vein, Megan shared a couple of her favourite 'Grammers in a bid to create a bit of positivity following the uproar. I love how Megan has designed the post in such a creative way, it's inspired me to look into making my own posts a bit more aesthetically interesting!

As you'll know if you're a regular reader, follow me on Instagram or have ever set eyes on me, I love my winged eyeliner. I'll go without foundation on, sure, but make me leave the house without my trademark flicks and I feel like I'm naked in public.

Anyway, aforementioned eyeliner obsession means that I'm always interested in new liners to try. I read Emma's review of the L'oreal Ultra PrecisionSuper Liner and I think I'm gonna give it a whirl. As much as I'm a makeup fiend, I usually find written reviews kind of boring, but Emma's style of writing kept me interested. She also has some serious liner skills.

Anyway, I'm off to my local Boots to hunt this bad boy down, BYE.
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